Wheelchair / Mobility Scooter Safety Lap Strap Style 2

Wheelchair / Mobility Scooter Safety Lap Strap Style 2
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Safety Lap Straps

This belt has been designed primarily for use with wheelchairs and is secured around the backrest frame while style two is mainly for use with scooters but can also be used with wheelchairs.
The strap uses a snap-lock fastener and are adjustable to fit everybody.

Note: This is NOT an approved seat belt and must not be used on vehicles travelling in excess of 8mph

  • Min Length: 25"(63.5cm) Approx
  • Max Length: 48"(122cm) Approx

Style 2

This type can be fastened to the armrest frame of a scooter or the back panel of a wheelchair. The two inner buckles are used to secure the strap to the frame, form a loop over the other armrest, and then do the same at the other side, with the strap passing behind the seat. For a wheelchair, secure in a similar way to that detailed above for style 1.

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