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Don’t Let Your Movement Limitations Hold You To Ransom

By Robert Naylor 1 years ago 1 comment

A mobility scooter can give people, who are facing hindrance in movement, a new lease of life. The advantages of buying a mobility scooter for sale are endless. The model you choose would have some say on the benefits you enjoy, but this decision won’t impact the basic benefits of buying the product per se. Everyone knows about the physical benefits of having a mobility scooter with you, but no one really thinks about the mental benefits it offers you. It gets rid of all your worries as after buying a mobility scooter you are in safe hands.

Whether you have a disability that is affecting your movements or mobility restrictions due to a recent injury, owning a mobility scooter would not let you depend on others for moving around and would also not keep you from exploring the outside world and meeting people.

When you are unwell and not able to move as freely as you used to, the situation can really start taking a toll on you. All you have for company is computer and TV. Don’t let your physical restrictions hamper the quality of your life. Mobility scooters offer a great way of bringing excitement in your life. The best thing about them is that they are very easy to operate. So, are you ready to own one?

​Lightweight Folding Wheelchairs - For Easy Transportation, Storage & Improved Convenience

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Lightweight folding wheelchairs have their own set of benefits, and are, in most cases, better than their standard, rigid frame counterparts. However, the decision of choosing one over the other would depend entirely on your specific needs. To begin with, lightweight folding wheelchairs offer improved maneuverability, especially on surfaces that are not as smooth.

A folding/foldable wheelchair is more flexible, negotiates different terrains well, and minimizes instances of accidents from sliding. Though they are a little more expensive as compared to standard wheelchairs, folding wheelchairs offers convenience and comfort of the highest order and are worth every dollar spent.

The biggest advantage of buying a lightweight folding chair is the ease of transportation. They can be easily folded and occupy much less space in this position. So, you will have no problems in transporting or storing them. They can be conveniently carried inside the trunk of your vehicle or kept inside the storeroom or small closet inside your home. Folding and unfolding are simple - you don’t need to disassemble the wheelchair completely. On the other hand, standard wheelchairs can’t be disassembled, and thus require a larger vehicle for transportation.

Folding wheelchairs are suitable for homes with limited storage space. And unlike rig frame wheelchairs, foot placements on folding wheelchairs are adjustable, which accounts for added comfort.

8mph Mobility Scooter: For A Comfortable Ride Even In Confined Areas

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Class 3 mobility scooters are the most powerful of all types. Usually larger, these mobility scooters have a greater power output in comparison to class 2 scooters. An ideal choice for a long ride in utmost safety and comfort, class 3 mobility scooters are great for large distances, some up to 40 miles. Almost every large or class 3 mobility scooter has sprung rear suspension and articulating suspension at the front. But, some higher end models feature entirely independent front suspension, which in turn, leads to a superior ride.

Are you looking forward to buying a mobility scooter? Have you been searching for the perfect one for days? In case, you want to avoid using public transport and want to travel in a safe and convenient way, rest assured class 3 mobility scooter would be the best choice to go with. There’s no doubt that apart from the superior transportability and portability, the extraordinary speed of this mobility scooter would impress you the most. Not only the compact and highly maneuverable design will allow you to go wherever you need, but also it will help you travel without any inconvenience, especially in confined areas and spaces like shopping zones and malls.

Having said that, if you think buying an 8mph mobility scooter would be a worthy purchase, go ahead with your decision. Rugged and easy to use, the 8mph mobility scooter would provide you a comfortable, smooth, and reliable ride at all times.

So, what are you waiting for? To make a quick selection, explore our site forthwith!

​Buying Gifts for Elderly Relatives This Christmas

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Buying Gifts for Elderly Relatives This Christmas

Its that exciting time of the year again! The Christmas decorations are up, there’s a definite chill in the air and you may even have completed all your Christmas shopping early this year, with the exception of a special gift for your closest elderly relative. Finding something that’s particularly thoughtful and most importantly, practical for your elderly parents, grandparents or friends, who seem to have everything they need already, can often be the most tricky purchase of all. You really want to show them how much you care about them, so what to buy?

You want to show you’ve put some real thought into your gifts. And if that's the case you’ve come to the right place! This year we’ve pulled out all the stops to offer you a wonderful selection of Christmas gifts for elderly relatives. Gifts they’ll value and use well after the day itself! There’s something to suit everyone and every budget.

Health and Wellbeing

This neat selection of gift ideas is guaranteed to boost the health and wellbeing of your loved ones, offering a little affordable luxury in their homes. The Deluxe Massage Foot Spa and Pedicure Kit is designed to do just that. Relaxing, pampering and invigorating, the 68 air jets stimulate tired or sore feet giving an effective foot massage. Absolute bliss!

Getting outside and enjoying natural daylight is not as easy for some older people or those who are less mobile. A SAD Therapy Light is guaranteed to bring brightness into their life. Proven to have a positive effect on mental and physical wellbeing, the tube simulates the therapeutic effects of natural daylight. A very thoughtful gift, it works for the shorter winter days too.

We all understand the importance of a good nights sleep yet along with the physical changes that occur as we get older, changes to our sleep are also part of the ageing process. Sleeping aids such as our Memory Foam Neck Cushion will reduce pressure on sore necks, offering comfort in the home and when travelling. Or if you’re looking for something that works wonders for tired or swollen legs and knees, helping to aid circulation, look no further than the Memory Foam Leg Pillow. Its ergonomic design is made for use in bed, perfect for a restful nights sleep.

If your relative is keen to exercise then the mini stepper might be the answer. It can be used when either standing or seated and can offer both an upper and lower body workout. Perfect exercise from the comfort of ones own home!

Supporting Independence

We also have a wide range of gifts that promote independence throughout the winter months whether simply to keep warm and protected from the elements, or to help out on daily tasks around the home. Our Thermal Bed Socks keep feet toasty warm and Thermal Arthritic Gloves provide warmth, compression and comfort with a textured grip.

An inexpensive way to help an older person remain healthy, active and independent is to choose from our wide range of folding walking sticks. These ingenious sticks snap open and are easily folded away to fit in any bag, pocket or pouch, yet are extremely strong and robust. Available in a variety of designs to suit him and her they’re also light, strong and height adjustable.

Practical gifts for use around the home can only come in handy. Shedding light on any dark situation are our Remote control wireless led lights. They come supplied as a pack of 3 and offer amazing versatility in dark cupboards, sheds, garages, attics and bathrooms. The list is endless! The strong yet lightweight Portable Table Valet is also an inspired choice, folding quickly and easily for storage and transportation and perfect for comfortable TV dinners, bedside meals, reading, writing and hobbies.

Stocking Fillers

Enjoyable Christmas treats make perfect stocking fillers. Here are some fun gifts and games that will delight and excite your relatives this festive season. Made for the visually impaired our large print playing cards offer so many opportunities for enjoyment. They're also useful for players who have difficulty holding smaller cards. As is the Playing Card Holder, designed for those with limited use of their hands. Another great choice for those who enjoy doing a crossword, reading the newspaper, books or magazines is our Sheet Magnifier. Its lightweight too, making it ideal for everyday use.

We hope our selection has inspired you to spread some joy with a gift that is both practical and thoughtful for any elderly friend or relative this Christmas. Yet if you’re still undecided, then click here to view our entire Christmas range, there are gifts for him, for her and many more Christmas ideas at affordable prices. We can also help you with your choice. If your relative has a particular need then we can offer our expertise, simply contact us on 0800 567 7222, or 01995 638086, or email sales@mobilitysmart.cc. A very merry Christmas and a healthy and happy 2018!

Is Self-Propelled Wheelchair A Good Choice?

By Andrew Atkinson 1 years ago

Is Self-Propelled Wheelchair A Good Choice?

Wheelchairs are available in a variety of specifications these days, especially to provide a fitting wheelchair for the complex mobility requirements of some people. A lot of these people have to spend long periods sitting on the chair, so they need a solution that not only comes with added comfort and reliability, but also with a functionality that helps them operate the wheelchair themselves and stop being a burden on their family members or for that matter not occupy their family members all the time.

Self-propelled wheelchairs can be propelled by users themselves by using push-rims fitted on rear wheels. They also come with pushing handles, which makes it easy to be pushed by another person, if need be. Their larger rear wheels are an advantage when you need to push the chair over an obstacle.

Weight of the self-propelled wheelchair or any other type for that matter is a big concern. You don’t want a wheelchair that has too much of weight. Add your weight to it too. You wouldn’t want a wheelchair that requires you to push a weight that is on the higher side. Self-propelled chairs have to be lighter in weight than all the other types as the person with mobility problems will be pushing it herself/himself.

What to Do When Grandchildren Require Too Much Energy

By Andrew Atkinson 1 years ago

As we age, the honour of becoming someone’s grandparent is amongst the best things imaginable. From the moment you first set eyes on your grandson or granddaughter, you’ll be in love with every part of them. It’s a feeling like becoming a parent all over again, but now your primary job is to enjoy this new life without the pressures that you felt with your own child.

Spending time with your grandchildren is exceptionally rewarding, but whether they’re visiting for an hour or you’ve offered to be their full-time carer whilst their Mum and Dad work, there will be times when you feel that they’re taking their toll too much. That’s absolutely fine – even parents get exhausted sometimes, and so there’s certainly no reason that an aging grandparent can’t also feel the strain!

Here are a few ways to manage things, when the grandchildren require too much energy:

Purchase Kitchen Aids

Isn’t it amazing how much a child can eat? As primary carer for even an hour, you’re likely to find yourself preparing some food. The kitchen becomes one of the hardest places to navigate as we age, which is why Meals on Wheels-type services are so popular and so valuable, but giving yourself a helping hand in the kitchen can ensure that you stay on top of your grandchild’s demands for food. With an egg boiler you can boil enough eggs for every grandchild in one go, without the risk of spilling hot water from a pan, and other helpful tools like jar openers can save you time and reduce the chance of an injury.

Use Child Safety Equipment

As a parent, certain child safety devices are absolutely essential. Others might be seen as less important, a waste of money or something that you can avoid using by moving your child away from the hazard. When you’re the grandparent, constantly pulling a toddler away from danger can take its toll on your body. Don’t be afraid to use every safety device known to man, to make your home as safe as possible. Ideally, you’ll feel comfortable knowing that there isn’t a single risk in the house for your toddler or young grandchild. Stoppers for drawers, locks for cupboards, stair gates and padded hearth surrounds might seem over-cautious, but they’ll save you a lot of worry.

Take a Step Back

Sometimes enough is enough, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Your grandchildren shouldn’t be taking every ounce of your energy. If you’re required to care for them when their parents aren’t around, don’t be afraid to say that you can no longer offer that service.

Taking a step back will enable you to continue to enjoy your grandchildren, and to create with them the memories that they’ll treasure through life, rather than becoming too exhausted to spend quality time with your family. Your own children should understand that you can no longer handle their children when you’re on your own with them, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t spend time with the whole family together.

The major advantages of installing stairlifts

By Andrew Atkinson 1 years ago

When an individual finds it impossible to climb up or go down staircases by themselves, it is natural to feel like a prisoner in their own house. Using a stairlift in such a case can dramatically improve their quality of life.

One of the major concerns when a person’s mobility is affected is that of safety. This becomes all the more crucial when the person needs to take the stairwell. While a caregiver can always be hired to provide all the necessary help and support, it is more to do with regaining the feeling of independence for the affected person.

Modern stairlifts are compact and smartly designed for a safe installation. Installing them at the staircases can be one of the simplest mobility solutions. They can prevent accidents, can be trusted and above all, allow the person to be more independent when taking the stairs. Besides, installing a stairlift can actually eliminate the need for the affected person to be shifted to some other living facility. That, in turn, leads to a huge amount of savings and hassle.

Stairlift models can be of varying kinds and they must be chosen after a thorough evaluation of the specific needs of a home.

5 useful things to keep in your car

By Andrew Atkinson 1 years ago

Despite your disability, you may still be able to drive a car. If your disability might affect your driving ability, then you’ll need to disclose this information to the DVLA. You might also be a regular passenger in a friend or family member’s car.

You wouldn’t leave the house without those ‘essentials’ that you always have packed. So, what 5 things can you put in your car that you’ll definitely want to keep there?

Emergency supplies
It’s always wise to keep a small supply of drinks and snacks in your car. Most people remember to do this during particularly cold weather, when they might be stranded at the roadside, but the truth is that cars can break down anywhere at any time. In fact, breaking down in hot weather might be even more difficult than being stuck away from home when it’s cold!

Emergency supplies are useful if a journey is taking longer than you expected, or if something goes wrong and you’re left waiting for help. Keep them with you at all times.

Blue Badge timer disc
If you’re a Blue Badge holder, then your parking clock/timer disc is a valuable addition to your vehicle. Keep this in your car so that it’s always on hand.
You can buy wallets with built-in parking discs, which can be particularly useful to have around. You can slot your blue badge into the other half of the wallet, so that everything is easily visible and will be well protected.

Swivel cushion
A swivel cushion rotates on the spot, making it easier to get into your car. Put it onto your seat and you can sit down facing out of your vehicle’s door, then spin into position comfortably. You don’t need to lower yourself into the seat at a sideways angle, nor will you struggle with twisting your body and potentially pulling a muscle.
Swivel seats are useful for a wide range of people, but can be particularly helpful to wheelchair users that need to transfer from their wheelchair to the car.

The HandyBar car support offers help and peace of mind to people with limited mobility.
You’ll probably use the Handy Bar only for getting in and out of your vehicle. This sturdy non-slip handle fixes to a certain point on your door frame, so that you can use it as a grab rail to pull yourself out of the car.
If you were in an accident, you could also use the tool to cut yourself free of your seatbelt. The HandyBar can additionally be used to smash a window, if needed. It’s a helpful tool that you can make use of day-to-day, with thoughtful additional features that you can rely upon in an emergency.

Massage seat cover
If your car seat isn’t the most comfortable, you can add a massage seat cover that will gently move and warm your back to soothe any aches and pains. If you find driving a bit difficult due to the position that you need to sit in, then a massaging seat cover can really help. Before installing anything extra, check that your seat is set up correctly. You might find that you can ease any pain that you’re experiencing just by raising or lowering the seat, tilting it back a bit or reducing the angle that it’s positioned at.

Your car is a big part of your independence. If you like to travel, or need to drive to work, then it could be almost as important as your home. Make sure that you keep it equipped with anything that you’d find useful – it doesn’t need to be a bare, minimalist environment!

Why your elderly parent needs more than physical care

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As your parents age, they’ll require some physical care. 33% of elderly people trip or fall each year, with many of these incidents leading to head injuries, damage to the hips or broken bones. It’s estimated that 1 in 5 falls will lead to a serious injury. On top of the risk of trips and falls, elderly people require a wide range of other physical care to help with day to day living.

The pressure on carers, including relatives, can be immense. As older people need more and more support, care and attention, their loved ones can feel the stress and strain of providing physical care. In fact, the physical care can feel so time consuming and so essential that an elderly person’s emotional and mental needs can be pushed down the list or forgotten. Yet, the emotional care might even be more important.

The elderly and isolation

One of the biggest issues facing an older person is the issue of isolation, which may lead to depression. In part due to a lack of confidence and in part due to a weakening physical state, many older people find it difficult to get out into their neighbourhoods and to socialise as they once did. Other issues can add to a feeling of isolation, including hearing difficulties that make conversations hard to follow.

Worries about aging, fears about the future and deteriorating health will all have an impact on your elderly parent. Studies show that up to 13.5% of elderly people are living with depression, and that it’s most common in those that require additional physical care or hospital stays.

The link between physical and mental health

It seems obvious that physical and mental health can be linked. Poor physical health can lead to the feelings of depression and isolation, and can restrict someone’s ability to access services that can help them to improve their state of mind. Perhaps more interestingly, the same applies in reverse.

Poor mental health can lead to a deterioration in physical health. Depression, stress and anxiety can trigger headaches and blood pressure changes, a loss of appetite (and associated physical problems), and memory loss or confusion which can increase the risk of a fall or an injury.

Studies show that whilst keeping active is good for an older person’s mind as well as their body, it’s also true that staying social will help to reduce the risk of injury or illness.

How can you help?

An active social life and a focus on good mental health brings many benefits for an elderly parent. Included in these benefits is peace of mind, as older people feel safer and more secure if they’re active in their communities. A good mental state can also lead to fewer concerns about how long it would take to get help, if an emergency ever required it.

Good levels of mental health can come from physical needs being met, but there is far more to it. Encourage social interaction – bring the grandchildren over, arrange for days out and activities or suggest places that your elderly parent might like to go with friends – and also promote the use of quizzes, puzzles, games and mentally stimulating activities. A sharp mind is one of your elderly parent’s best tools for a happy, healthy retirement.

4 Things to Think About if You Want to Grow Old Gracefully

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We all want to stay in good health as we age. If we don’t look after our bodies then we risk retirement years filled with illness and injury. Whilst staying fit isn’t a guarantee of excellent health beyond middle age, it’s certainly going to help you along the way. That’s why it’s worth thinking about these 4 things that will help you to grow old with a focus on health and fitness:

You Need to Think Drink

Everywhere you go, you’re told about the importance of healthy eating. It’s mentioned in all sorts of advertisements and medical documents, your doctor probably tells you about it frequently and even when you’re indulging in fast food you’ll find nutritional information on your burger box.

What people fail to tell you in equal frequency is how important it is to drink well – to stay hydrated with more than two litres of water each day and to attempt to avoid dehydrating drinks like cups of tea and bottles of cola. Staying hydrated has a positive impact on your mind and memory, whilst helping to reduce a whole host of health issues including headaches, sight problems and blood pressure issues.

Mind and Body are Connected

Your mind and your body are not separate things to focus on. In fact, the two are strongly linked. Being physically active will keep your mind strong, helping with thought and memory, whilst poor mental health can have a negative impact on your body and can make you ill. It is pointless to focus on just one area – instead, you need to look at the big picture and how you feel and behave overall. An active social life can do more than just give you someone to drink coffee with.

Recommendations are Constantly Changing

One week, eating eggs will lead to an early demise. The next, eggs are recommended as a superfood. Broccoli could be a natural medicine according professionals, but might be described as a toxin in the future. The recommendations about what to eat are changing by the day and they’re almost impossible to keep up with. It’s important to pay some attention, but don’t get caught up in trying to find exactly the right thing to eat. You’ll feel stressed, you’ll worry unnecessarily and you’ll end up no better for it. Instead, stick to a nutritious variety of natural foods and limit your consumption of processed foods, but don’t worry about the small details.

Future Generations Are Counting on You

Your knowledge and experience really does matter. Lives are becoming busier and people are finding less time to pay attention to health, fitness and nutrition. Your grandchildren will have very different lifestyles to the one that you enjoyed as a child – they might have limited time in the kitchen and might be a bit clueless about the origins of their food. As well as giving yourself a sense of purpose, you can make a difference to future generations by imparting your knowledge and wisdom. Teach children and teenagers about the great outdoors, how to cook cheap and wholesome meals and what portion sizes should be like for people their age. You’ll benefit from regular reminders to stay on track with your own health, and you’ll grow old gracefully knowing that your knowledge is helping other people.