Tabtime Poppet Pill Remover

Tabtime Poppet Pill Remover
Item Code: MS11221

Tabtime Poppet Pill Remover

What is Poppit?

  • Tabtime Poppit is a quick and easy way to remove pills from the fiddly foil packaging that all tablets seem to be packed in.
  • Poppit ensures easy de-blistering from various pill packs and collects the tablets in the handle, where they can be easily dispensed into your daily or weekly Tabtime pill organiser
  • Poppit takes away the need to handle small and awkward pills.
  • Compact and lightweight for transportation. once you have experienced using a Poppit you will find it invaluable

What are Benefits?

  • Less complexity & fiddling about with small pills.
  • Poppit easily pushes pills out of foil pill packs and avoids breaking the pills into little pieces as so often happens.
  • Great for the elderly, arthritic or those with weak/shaky hands who often struggle to open and remove pills from pill packs.
  • Saves lots of time and unnecessary fiddling by combining pill de-blistering with pill pouring for faster and easier pill preparation especially at the beginning of the week when you fill your weeks supply of tablets into your Tabtime organiser/dispenser