Mobility Batteries

We have grown a firm reputation for the supply of high quality mobility batteries. Simply read the information below and select from the battery models for more information and to make your choice. If you need help in your selection, please don’t hesitate to call us on 0800 567 7222. We’re here to help.

Tip: The differences between Gel & SLA can get very complicated but in-a-nut-shell Gel is a better quality technology & in most cases outperforms SLA with regards to the overall life span of the battery. The actual range performance of Gel & SLA is very similar. Gel will as a general rule work out to be more cost effective than SLA. Still unsure click here to read MK's Battery Myths.

Our Batteries: fit nearly all Mobility Scooter brands such as, TGA, Shoprider, ROMA Medical, Pride, Sunrise Medical, C.T.M, Electric Mobility, Batricar, Tramper, Medicare, Drive Medical, Invacare, Freerider & may more.

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Items 41 to 70 of 70 total