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Is Self-Propelled Wheelchair A Good Choice?

By Andrew Atkinson 1 years ago

Is Self-Propelled Wheelchair A Good Choice?

Wheelchairs are available in a variety of specifications these days, especially to provide a fitting wheelchair for the complex mobility requirements of some people. A lot of these people have to spend long periods sitting on the chair, so they need a solution that not only comes with added comfort and reliability, but also with a functionality that helps them operate the wheelchair themselves and stop being a burden on their family members or for that matter not occupy their family members all the time.

Self-propelled wheelchairs can be propelled by users themselves by using push-rims fitted on rear wheels. They also come with pushing handles, which makes it easy to be pushed by another person, if need be. Their larger rear wheels are an advantage when you need to push the chair over an obstacle.

Weight of the self-propelled wheelchair or any other type for that matter is a big concern. You don’t want a wheelchair that has too much of weight. Add your weight to it too. You wouldn’t want a wheelchair that requires you to push a weight that is on the higher side. Self-propelled chairs have to be lighter in weight than all the other types as the person with mobility problems will be pushing it herself/himself.