Surface Sanitising Wipes

Surface Sanitising Wipes
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Surface Sanitising Wipes

These Surface Sanitising Wipes are the safe answer to many of your cleaning requirements in both the health and food Industry. These non-tainting wipes contain a strong but gentle formula for safe and efficient cleaning of most hard surfaces.
Surface Sanitising wipes are fragrance-free to avoid any taint problems should food be placed in contact with a ‘wiped’ surface. They contain a very low foaming biodegradable nonionic surfactant, which exhibits good detergency for the emulsification of fatty/greasy soil.
Health and Safety
Surface Sanitising Wipes have been tested and proved to be effective against a wide range of bacteria, including Salmonella, EColi and Listeria.
Disposable, ready-soaped, rinse-free and large wipe size brings an end to bowls of water, detergents, cloths, and being portable makes cleaning a lot easier.

  • Single Pack: (50 wipes per pack)