Good ideas - Miracle Sharpener

Good ideas - Miracle Sharpener
Item Code: MS25260

Good ideas - Miracle Sharpener

  • Bring dull knives back to life!
  • Using a patented three-slot design to prepare the blade, with its Diamond, Tungsten and Ceramic edges on the Miracle Sharpener delivers and ensures burr-free and astonishingly sharp edges in seconds!
  • The Miracle Sharpener, sharpens and then finishes the blade edge for clean cuts.
  • Unlike others on the market, with an ergonomic handle and anti-slip rubber pads, the Miracle Sharpener is stable and easy to use.


  • Diamond abrasive edge shapes the burr-free edge and ensures sharp edges in seconds
  • Tungsten steel blade creates a double-bevel V-shaped edge for superb cutting
  • Ceramic edge provides a final polish made for straight-edge knives


  • Measures 51x76x191mm.