Wall Mounted Shower Seat - Plastic Seat

Wall Mounted Shower Seat - Plastic Seat
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Aluminium Wall Mounted Shower Seat


  • This compact edition neatly folds flat against the wall when not in use and the drainage holes comply with MHRA guidelines.
  • The easy clean seat contains in-built anti-bacterial properties and the wall fixing backplate is robust, predrilled with 4 holes.
  • This version includes extension legs with an adjustable height.
  • Seat size 438mm x 378mm / 17¼” x 14¾”
  • Overall width 500mm/19¾”
  • Overall depth 495mm/19½”
  • Adjustable seat height 470mm-570mm/18½”-22½”

Extra information
To Adjust Leg Height:
Slacken the locking nut using an open-ended spanner and rotate the rubber feet to the required height.
Ensure the locking nuts are tightened fully after adjustment.
To Fold Seat:
Pull the front side of the clip-on seat upwards, and the whole seat should move into a folded position.
Slide the product to a secure position against the wall.


Use mild detergent with warm water to wipe down framework every time you use.
Do not use an abrasive cleaner as this will damage the frame and nullify your warranty.
Use of power/jet washing & industrial washing machines:
If either of the above is used to clean equipment care must be taken since high-pressure water can be
Care should be taken that frames are not placed too close to high-pressure water jets.
After cleaning ensure any residual water is removed from the framework as it could cause permanent
rusting of the frame (leave frames open in a warm environment for several hours to ensure all internal
moisture evaporates).

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