Our leading range of ferrules have been selected for quality performance and long-lasting durability in daily use, whether indoors or on rough terrain. Our rubber tips give you the confidence to step out in all weathers and we have tips for many makes and models of stick, making it easy to choose the type and size you need for your own unique needs.

Even on surfaces where grip can traditionally be a problem, such as on shiny floors or highly polished tiles, we have rubber tips that can make your step sure in all conditions. Whether you have metal, wooden, or collapsible sticks, we have the right ferrule for all conditions, including lawned areas with our popular bowling green ferrule.

Want to know how to choose & measure your ferrules? Click here to read Andrew's guide.

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Items 1 to 40 of 95 total

Items 1 to 40 of 95 total

What makes the difference between a ferrule that you have to replace every few months and one that serves you for the long term? It’s about the quality of the materials and choosing the right ferrule for the type of activity you are undertaking. Also, importantly, it’s about getting the right ferrule for your specific stick. Our ferrule range is one of the most versatile available, as we cater for hundreds of orders every day. We have learned about what’s important in your ferrule and we’ve gone to great lengths to bring you a range that matches up in quality, performance and style. Think you’ve tried every kind of ferrule, we’ll show you we can match your stringent criteria with our range, specially sourced for quality, reliability and daily performance.