Trio Maxi Stick Seat - Black (Polished)

Trio Maxi Stick Seat - Black (Polished)
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Trio Maxi Stick Seat - Black (Polished)

  • The “Trio” three legged Seat-Stick is suitable for people who want to sit for a longer period of time, or require greater stability than the traditional Shooting-Stick.
  • The Trio seat is easy to use as a walking stick and provides a comfortable oval seat when opened. Ideal for use around town, visiting museums, art galleries, shopping or for when you need to take a rest from walking or standing.
  • The walking and sitting height of the Trio Maxi is taller than the Trio Popular model ,so is ideal for the taller person, or for those who have difficulty getting up or down when sitting.


  • Walking height: 870mm
  • Seat height: 575mm