OXO - Microfibre Duster Refill

OXO - Microfibre Duster Refill
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OXO - Microfibre Duster Refill

  • Our Microfibre Duster Refill allows for dusting without interruption!
  • Keep an extra refill on hand for use when the Duster head is in the wash.
  • Simply unsnap the Duster head to remove it for cleaning.
  • For best results, wash in cold water without fabric softener or bleach and dry without using heat.


  • Fits Microfibre Hand Duster MS22584 and Extendable Microfibre Duster MS22583
  • Traps and holds dust without need for cleaning chemicals
  • Generous Microfibre head covers a large surface with every swipe
  • Slim profile for easy maneuvering in or around tight spaces
  • Microfibre unsnaps from handle for convenient machine washing