Medi Hydra Pack - 10 pack

Medi Hydra Pack - 10 pack
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Proper hydration is crucial for the health and the recovery of patients in hospitals, nursing, assisted living, rehabilitation, hospice and home healthcare facilities.

The Medi Hydra Pack is the first solution of its kind to provide patients and caregivers an easy and efficient hydration solution, allowing precise and accurate fluid measurements, and ultimately improved patient care.

We all know properly hydrating a patient is vital to their normal recovery and continuous health. Current methods are cumbersome, often immeasurable and time-consuming. Patients must wait until a caregiver is available to receive fluids, when fluid is available, cups are often out of reach or patients are unable to easily drink from them and spills are frequent.

Most of all, intake is estimation at best in any healthcare setting. These problems introduce unnecessary risk to a patient's well-being.

As a result, the easy and effective Medi Hydra Pack provides patients, caregivers and healthcare providers with an accessible, measurable, clean and portable hydration solution.