Limbo - Cast & Dressing Protectors - Leg (Above Knee)

Limbo - Cast & Dressing Protectors - Leg (Above Knee)
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Cast & Dressing Protectors

These comfortable waterproof protectors are easy to useand have a self sealing band allowing them to be submerged. Simply slip over a cast or dressing on either the leg or arm to protect them while showering or bathing. The neoprene band has a wide area of contact and therfore does not pinch the skin or feel constrictive. The main body is made from a pliable waterproof PVC/nylon mesh, which is roomy and slip resistant, it also contains a antimicrobial treatment providing protection against bacterial and fungal attack. the protectors are reusable and will last on avarage, eight weeks with normal use. Not suitable for use with open or undressed wounds. Latex free

Specifications: Limb Circumference

  • Arm (Above Elbow) - 25-29cm
  • Full Arm Standard - 30-40cm
  • Leg (Above Knee) - 39-54cm
  • Full Leg - 52-65cm
  • Mitt (Below Elbow) - 22-25cm
  • Elbow Standard - 30-40cm
  • Knee (Above Knee) - 39-54cm