Invacare REA Clematis

Invacare REA Clematis
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Where reliability meets comfort
At Invacare® we understand that everyone is different and clients have different needs when it comes to personal wheelchair preferences. We also understand that people demand adaptabilityfrom their wheelchair – particularly in the seat and backrest areas. In order to maintain optimum balance and posture, we know that good seat tilt and stable legrests are essential. All these issues have been addressed in the new Rea™ Clematis®.

Even weight distribution

Equipped with an angle-adjustable seat, the Rea™ Clematis® provides a wide range of possible positions. When the seat tilts, the pressure areas shift between the seat and backrest, all of which helps prevent pressure ulcers.

Body length compensation

The presence of high pivot points around the pelvis and knee joints is important when adjusting body posture. Pivot points ensure that the body moves in tandem with the seat and legrests. The Rea™ Clematis® is designed to minimize shearing and reduce body compression, resulting in improved overall posture and comfort. The headrests and trunk support remain at the same height whether the backrest is angled or not.

Stable seat position

The Rea™ Clematis® also boasts an angle-adjustable backrest, which opens up the hip angle for increased comfort. For improved positioning, this should be used in conjunction with the seat tilt to help stabilize posture and allow for other movements.

New backrest design
The comfortable Rea™ Clematis® features a more adaptable backrest for added comfort and ease of service. It can be adjusted in height by using the cable operated levers, and all cabling is neatly kept within the frame. Rounded backrest tubes facilitate further adaptations at a later date, if desired. The popular Laguna backrest cushion can be found on the new Rea™ Clematis® - all of which adds up to improved daily comfort.

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