High Vision LED Bankers' Light with 360° Bulb

High Vision LED Bankers' Light with 360° Bulb
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Lasting up to 15,000 hours, our opaque bulb gives 540 Lumens of brightness at 6 Watts or 680 Lumens of brightness at 8 Watts - all with no heat! In simple terms a brighter light at a fraction of the power consumption of a traditional 60 Watt bulb. Close work and reading become easier as our bulb provides light equivalent to noon daylight (6,400 Kelvin) and offers excellent colour reproduction (80 CRI) - all helping to reduce eye strain and headaches.

Retaining the traditional shape, our bulb offers 360° light by using a clever 90 LED dice arrangement. For added safety, the glass is silicone coated to offer some resistance to life's little knocks and drops.

The Lamp
The elegant lamp stays true to traditional design with brass finish stand and deep green shade. While still looking the part, the light also offers modern convenience with the shade being made of robust, shatter proof plastic and a cable mounted on/off switch.

This functional light is suitable for everyone and especially helpful for the elderly or those with limited vision who require a brighter light - no home or office should be without one!

  •     Traditional, elegant brass finish design
  •     Deep green shade made of robust, shatter proof plastic
  •     Convenient, cable mounted swtich
  •     Pre-assembled construction
  •     Energy efficient, offering over 85 Lumens per Watt and up to 15,000 hours lifespan
  •     Bright, white light equivalent to noon daylight (6,400 Kelvin and 540/680 Lumens)
  •     Excellent colour reproduction (80 CRI)
  •     Traditional bulb design offering 360° light
  •     Silicone coated bulb to help reduce breakage