Helping Hand Soxon Sock Aid

Helping Hand Soxon Sock Aid
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Helping Hand Soxon Sock Aid

A Sock Aid that actually works! Roll the sock or stocking on, drop Soxon to the floor & wriggle your toes in & pull up on the loops;
The towelling liner allows easy travel over foot and ankle while ensuring a wrinkle free sock. Works for stockings too!

How To Use :

  1. Fold the soxon into a tube and load sock or stocking on
  2. Slide the sock up to the top of the frame leaving the opening clear.
  3. While holding on to the reins, either in the hand or round the wrist, place the soxon on to the floor. Slide foot in and work toes to the end of the sock.
  4. Pull up steadily with the reins round the ankle and up the leg, as high as needed.
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