Good Ideas - Pestban Animal Chaser

Good Ideas - Pestban Animal Chaser
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Good Ideas - Pestban Animal Chaser

  • Uninvited Animals can prove a nuisance around your garden damaging young shrubs and flower beds and fouling lawns.
  • New TWIN SPEAKER ANIMAL CHASER gives 24 hour ultrasonic protection against all garden pests.
  • Unique 3 frequencies and 3 volume control function allows you to select against cats, dogs, foxes, rabbits, deer or rodents. Computer controlled random frequency changes prevent animals becoming accustomed to the ultrasound.
  • Covers over 8000sq.ft. at 60ft. radius, complete with multi-directional swivel mount, 30ft. extension and mains adaptor.
  • 3 Switchable Frequencies - Deters Dogs, Cats, Foxes, Squirrels, Deer, Vermin, Rabbits
  • 3 Switchable Volumes - High, Medium, Low
  • Random / Continous
  • Twin High Power Transducers give 126dB ultrasound