Good Ideas - Eco Pond Cleaner

Good Ideas - Eco Pond Cleaner
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Eco Pond Cleaner

  • Just one dose of Eco Pond Cleaner gives a crystal clear pond water
  • Good Ideas Eco Pond Clear is an all natural, microbial based product effective for maintaining better pond and lake water.
  • It contains absolutely no synthetic chemical ingredients.
  • It is a concentration of selected, proprietary, naturally occurring microbes which act to bring pond water back into ecological equilibrium.
  • It reduces organic sediment and particulates in ponds, it reduces sludge, enhances conditions for aquatic life and leaves the water looking clearer and cleaner.
  • Totally organic, no chemicals
  • Harmless to fish, pond life and aquatic plants
  • Cleans algae bloom, blanket weed, green scum and duckweed
  • No natural resistance to its benefits over time.
  • Long term effect
  • No applicator licence required
  • Pack contains 2 Sachets. Each sachet will clear 4000 litres of water.