Dycem Non-slip Rectangular Mat - Large (Red)

Dycem Non-slip Rectangular Mat - Large (Red)
Item Code: MS11499

This non-slip material grips on both sides to secure objects, yet peels off surfaces easily. Use on trays and tables to keep plates and cutlery from sliding, or pens and pencils from rolling off tabletops. Dycem is also ideal for adhering cushions and inserts to wheelchairs.

Dycem is non-toxic and can be cleaned with soapy water to retain its properties. It is not effective when wet and must dry before use. All Dycem items can be autoclaved at 220°F (103°C).

  • Large: 35 x 25 x 0.32cm (14" x 10" x 1/8")
  • Weight 330g
  • Colour: Red