D1 Evacuation Chair

D1 Evacuation Chair
Item Code: MS19730

D1 Evacuation Chair
The Disability One Evacuation Chair is specially designed for an easier transfer of the evacuee and for the peoples comfort, the squab and cushion sub-straights are padded and features safety straps for extra protection. The evacuation Chair is CE certified in conformity with directive 93/42/ eec for the medical devices.

Features of the Evacuation Chair D1

  • First unique safety braking mechanisms helps to control your descent in the even of an emergency stairway evacuation.
  • Simple, safe solution for disabled evacuation via stairways.
  • Single operator use.
  • Specialized corporate branding and colour matching.
  • Light weight but highly robust construction.
  • Weight capacity (165 KG).
  • Industry leading training programmes.
  • CE certified - Number DOC 0102-1 The product is in conformity with directive 93/42/eec for the medical devices.
  • Ergonomically designed Comfort Seating with easy transfer from the wheelchair.
  • Height adjustable two position frame supporting operator comfort and confidence.
  • Specially designed caterpillar track and gear system for various stairway surfaces.
  • Training of the Disability One Evacuation Chair (included in the price)
  • How will Disability One train you and your team.
  • The Key Trainer evacuation chair training involves an experienced instructor visiting your organisation to train your staff up to a Key Trainer level, enabling them to instruct other members of your organisation to a basic operator standard.

Not only will this enable you to standardise an in-house training programme, but you will save time and money on your future evacuation schedules and chair operator training throughout your staff.

The basic operator evacuation chair training courses are very hands on with each delegate experiencing the practical use from passenger and operator scenarios, the delegates will also gain an understanding of the required users responsibilities as part of your Evacuation Plan during the course. General legislation is covered in terms of our product range and how they operate in relation to your Fire Risk Assessment policy, giving all absolute peace of mind and the understanding of how they benefit the intended users.

Each of the successful delegates will receive a certificate proving that they have completed the course. For the client a record of delegates who passed the course will be kept by Disability One and a copy will be sent to you for your records, ensuring your Health & Safety and Fire Evacuation Requirements are always covered within your building