Clarkes Mobility Scooter / Powerchair Charger - (24V 5AMP)

Clarkes Mobility Scooter / Powerchair Charger - (24V 5AMP)
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This intelligent microprocessor controlled automatic battery charger has been carefully designed for use with gel and sealed lead acid batteries. The output characteristics are controlled to ensure compliance with each particular battery manufactures recharge recommendations.


  • Output, 24Volt
  • Output, 5Amp
  • Imput, 230Volts 50Hz
  • In accordance with European Standards EN 60335, Part 2.29 & EN 12184
  • Complies With The EMC Directive
  • CE Marked
  • Class ll appliance & IP31 Rated

Stardard Features

  • Full current limit - the charger will not give more than its rated output
  • Slow start - there is a short delay after the battery is connected before charging commences, this is to ensure that a secure connection has been made
  • Reverse polarity protection - the charger is protected against incorrect battery connection
  • Low voltage pick-up - the charger will recharge deeply discharged batteries
  • Self discharge protection - the battery will not self discharge through the charger if it is connected with the mains disconnected
  • Overall timer - an overall timer is included in the design and will only operate if the battery fails to reach the first constant voltage level
  • Overvoltage protection - in the unlikely event of the charger developing a fault which causes the output voltage to rise to more than 32 volts the charger will be shut down
  • Battery maintenance - the battery may be safely left on charge in order to maintain the battery in a fully charged condition

Dimensions -120mm x 220mm x 135mm

Weight - 4.25Kgs




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