Good Ideas Circulation Pro™

Good Ideas Circulation Pro™
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Boost circulation to your feet and lower limbs. Stimulates pressure points on your feet and helps ease pain

  • Increases blood flow to your feet and lower limbs
  • 25 modes mimic various massage techniques
  • 99 intensity settings
  • Remote control from the comfort of your chair
  • TENS and infra-red technology

Circulation Pro combines transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) and deep heat infra-red treatment.  Small electrical pulses are delivered through two large foot pads stimulating contraction of the foot and calf muscles, helping boost blood flow to your feet and lower limbs.  The Deluxe model includes four TENS gel pads to allow specific areas to be targeted such as lower back, shoulders, arms and neck. Easy to use with a clear LED control panel and remote control. Mains adaptor. Tested to EU Medical Standards to ensure safety.

Also included are 4 FREE T.E.N.S pads which can target specific areas to relieve pain in the lower back, shoulders, arms, neck and buttocks. Good Ideas Circulation Pro™ comes complete with a mains adaptor.

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