Castle Adjustable Cot Side - Two Sides

Castle Adjustable Cot Side - Two Sides
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Castle Adjustable Cot Side

These cot sides fit between mattress and bed base. Adjustable in width for single or double beds, and also in length. They can be adjusted in height, using a pin clip system, and can also be dropped down by a simple push button release and raised up with a click, lock action. The whole side can be removed easily to give quick access for making the bed.


  • Bed width 84cm to 13.7cm (33 to 54")
  • Side rail length 126.6cm to 186.6cm (50 to 74").
  • Height of top rail over bed base 36.6cm to 59.1cm (141/2 to 23").
  • Side drop on release 25cm (10").
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