Can Crusher

Can Crusher
Item Code: MS12783

Can Crusher - Make more room in your bin.

This enviromentally friendly wall mounting can crusher crushes aluminium drinks cans easily down to 20% of their original size keeping your bin from overflowing or makes taking your cans for recycling easier.
It is made from heavy gauge steel with long soft grip handles making it simple and safe to operate. The can crusher is a great gadget to have in the kitchen, it also has a bottle opener incorporated in the base and gives excellent stress relief when crushing cans.

  • It comes complete with screws for wall mounting.
  • Crushes bulky cans to make them easier to re-cycle
  • Simple but effective wall-mounted device
  • Place your empty can on the crusher shelf and pull down the soft grip handle
  • Comes with a built in bottle opener
  • Suitable for aluminium cans and cans that are up to 7cm wide and 12cm tall
  • Size (HxWxD) - 250x95x75mm