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You helped us raise £300 for Sport Relief!

By Andrew Atkinson 2 years ago

You helped us raise £300 for Sport Relief!

As most of our customers already know, at Mobility Smart we are dedicated to supporting charity work both in this country and overseas by supporting Sport Relief.

We are delighted that this year, our customers have successfully helped us to raise £300. This money goes 100% to Sport Relief charities on the ground. It means that the money helps vulnerable children and families to receive essential care and life-enhancing facilities in the UK and internationally.

Sport Relief 2016 Thank You

We would like to extend or gratitude and appreciation for all of our customers, who through their donations have enabled us to donate our largest amount to date this year.

So we will see what happens via Sport Relief news channels to see the many positive ways our customers’ donations have contributed to the work of the Sports Relief charities and look out for next year’s opportunity to donate.

It’s not too late to give to Sport Relief 2016, follow this link if you would like to make a donation:


Once again, thanks so much for donating. It is much appreciated.

Mobility Scooters, taking the music world by storm!

By Andrew Atkinson 3 years ago

Mobility Scooters, taking the music world by storm!

It won’t have gone unnoticed to many of our blog readers how much more we are seeing the mobility scooter making appearances on all kinds of popular media, from pop videos, to sitcoms and news items. So are we seeing a change in perceptions towards the mobility scooter? Is it a cool ‘must have’ now for all ages, regardless of whether or not needed for actual mobility reasons?

One of the best videos we have seen recently is from Swedish musician, Avicii, (the stage name for Tim Bergling). this is a fun video with a great sentimental message and a story that spans the duration of the video and, of course, the Mobility Scooter is the star of the show.

You can watch the video here http://bit.ly/1KhAoWE

What we like about this video is that it gives a sense of freedom and how the scooter itself empowers the user to be able to get out and take action. Not all scooter users will go the great lengths depicted in the Avicii video, but if we give our customers just a little sense of the same freedom and inspiration, then that is extremely rewarding for all of our team at Mobility Smart.

Have you seen any other examples of videos, adverts or news items that have the mobility scooter playing a leading and positive role? We’d love to hear from you if you have!

'Tonight' Dementia Documentary

By Andrew Atkinson 5 years ago

If you managed to watch this last night, it gives a lot of food for thought, as it is predicted that by 2021, over a million people will be living with Dementia, so it's likely in the future, if not already, that many people will be directly affected.

What are your views on the current provision for help with managing Dementia, is enough being done? Also what do you think about the public's perception of Dementia? Does more work need to be done to remove the taboo and mystery surrounding the condition.

If you didn't see the Tonight programme, here is a link to the programme online:


Short Article Competition – Winning entry by Joy Roach

By Andrew Atkinson 5 years ago

Congratulations to Joy Roach who won £50 M&S Vouchers in our short article competition, her entry is below:

I recently brought the adjustable single cup drinks holder for my mum who has Multiple System Atrophy. She has difficulty picking up bottles and cups and as a result tends not to drink enough fluid each day as she is scared of always knocking them off the table. Looking for a solution to try and prevent this vicious circle I came across Mobility Smart and this cup holder. I attached it to her wheelchair so that when we are out and about and when she is moving around the house in her wheelchair she always has access to a drink. I was so impressed with the product that I ordered another one to attach to her bathroom chair so that she can have a drink whilst waiting for the district nurses and carers to arrive each morning. The cup holder is very easy to use, folders away nicely and seems to be fairly stable. I am very pleased with it as it means no more having to reach too far for a drink and no excuses not to be well hydrated!

The benefits of owning a mobility scooter.

By Andrew Atkinson 5 years ago

When you think of mobility scooters, you are probably drawn to the image of madge on Benidorm causing havoc by the side of the Solana swimming pool, and yet although many people scoff at the very idea of using a mobility scooter, they can be invaluable to many people.

One of the biggest concerns people have about using mobility scooters, is that they will become stranded somewhere, unable to move and desperately vulnerable, yet with modern chargeable scooters, they are extremely accurate to the duration and distance that can be travelled between charges, so this particular fear seems to be misguided.

In the Mobility Smart shop, we answer questions every day from people considering purchasing a mobility scooter, many of them first-time purchasers. One of the other questions people have is about storage and managing the care of the scooter when it is not in use, or packing it away in the car for journeys.

One of the latest innovations in Scooter design is the Minimo. This popular foldable scooter, goes right down to much not larger than the average small suitcase, so it can fit easily into the boot compartment of most average motors. It is this kind of technological advance that means many people don’t have to be concerned about lack of space, as most models offer convenience in this area.

One of the most obvious benefits of owning a mobility scooter, is that it simply gives you freedom. The kind of freedom that most take for granted, but what can mean much more to those who have not been able to venture outdoors in weeks or months at a time.

As well as great performance, controllable power and ergonomic design, the latest mobility scooters are designed and built from much more robust materials, meaning they are well equipped to deal with the British weather, that can be much wetter than other climates. Attention has been paid to being able to be adequately cleaned and maintained, which means less expense over total ownership.

Click here to see some of our latest mobility scooter models

Which daily living aids are best in the home and garden this Autumn?

By Andrew Atkinson 5 years ago

Daily living aids can help in many ways around the home and garden and can reduce the potential for strains and injury, to just making ordinary tasks a little easier.

The need for daily living aids can be due to a number of reasons, but they can be applicable for many people, not just those who have a disability or who have age related weakness.

Daily living aids can range from very simple devices, such as jar openers or long handled brush and pans, to aids such as kneeling pads that can save strain and injury to the knees in the garden. It is well worth a browse through any range of products and can be surprising to see the sheer range and innovation on display.

So which products can really help you this Autumn. The Circulation Enhancer is a useful device, especially as the colder weather takes a hold. With rising fuel bills it is essential to keep the circulation of the lower limbs and the circulation booster has a number of settings to get the blood flowing, stimulating the veins to boost blood flow and oxygen distribution to the muscles.

Out in the garden, the Wheeled Gardening seat allows the user to get down low enough to pick up leaves and weed the garden whilst saving the knees and back from potential injury.

If you need to clean the house up before Christmas, then the Soft Chenille Fabric Telescopic Duster will allow you to reach harder to access areas in the home.

You can read about these products and many others on our website.