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October 2013

Simple way to Measure for a new Walking Stick Ferrule!

By Andrew Atkinson 5 years ago

If you are a walking stick user, then at some time you will get to the stage when you need to consider a change of ferrule, or as some may call it, the walking stick replacement tip at the end of your stick.

Ferrules come in a range of different types and so may vary in material or how they look, but it is actually very easy to measure for a new ferrule.

Firstly, what are the benefits of fitting a new walking stick ferrule. The answer to this is that the right ferrule can improve grip and stability. Over time, your ferrule can wear out as it is the main component of the walking stick that makes contact with the ground. Depending on the type of use, i.e. indoors or outdoors, and the hardness and coarseness of the surface, wear can happen gradually over a number of months, or if heavily used outdoors, even within a number of weeks.

How to measure your ferrule instructions

People can sometimes get confused when buying a replacement ferrule, as they can be unsure of the correct diameter dimension and where to measure from.

New ferrules take their dimension from the diameter of the walking stick, i.e. the distance edge to edge of the circle as you look at the stick end on - without the ferrule on.

It is usually enough to use a ruler, or tape measure and place it across the end of the wooden stick and simply measure across. This measurement will match the measurement stated on the ferrule you are purchasing, so you can then easily see you have the correct fit.

So a standard 22mm round ferrule, will fit a stick with a measurement across of 22mm.

Once you have made a correct measurement, you can buy with confidence, knowing that the new ferrule will fit directly on to the stick you own.

At Mobility Smart, we sell a wide range of ferrules, for more information, want to order over the phone, we are on 0800 567 7222, we’d love to hear from you.

The benefits of owning a mobility scooter.

By Andrew Atkinson 5 years ago

When you think of mobility scooters, you are probably drawn to the image of madge on Benidorm causing havoc by the side of the Solana swimming pool, and yet although many people scoff at the very idea of using a mobility scooter, they can be invaluable to many people.

One of the biggest concerns people have about using mobility scooters, is that they will become stranded somewhere, unable to move and desperately vulnerable, yet with modern chargeable scooters, they are extremely accurate to the duration and distance that can be travelled between charges, so this particular fear seems to be misguided.

In the Mobility Smart shop, we answer questions every day from people considering purchasing a mobility scooter, many of them first-time purchasers. One of the other questions people have is about storage and managing the care of the scooter when it is not in use, or packing it away in the car for journeys.

One of the latest innovations in Scooter design is the Minimo. This popular foldable scooter, goes right down to much not larger than the average small suitcase, so it can fit easily into the boot compartment of most average motors. It is this kind of technological advance that means many people don’t have to be concerned about lack of space, as most models offer convenience in this area.

One of the most obvious benefits of owning a mobility scooter, is that it simply gives you freedom. The kind of freedom that most take for granted, but what can mean much more to those who have not been able to venture outdoors in weeks or months at a time.

As well as great performance, controllable power and ergonomic design, the latest mobility scooters are designed and built from much more robust materials, meaning they are well equipped to deal with the British weather, that can be much wetter than other climates. Attention has been paid to being able to be adequately cleaned and maintained, which means less expense over total ownership.

Click here to see some of our latest mobility scooter models

Which daily living aids are best in the home and garden this Autumn?

By Andrew Atkinson 5 years ago

Daily living aids can help in many ways around the home and garden and can reduce the potential for strains and injury, to just making ordinary tasks a little easier.

The need for daily living aids can be due to a number of reasons, but they can be applicable for many people, not just those who have a disability or who have age related weakness.

Daily living aids can range from very simple devices, such as jar openers or long handled brush and pans, to aids such as kneeling pads that can save strain and injury to the knees in the garden. It is well worth a browse through any range of products and can be surprising to see the sheer range and innovation on display.

So which products can really help you this Autumn. The Circulation Enhancer is a useful device, especially as the colder weather takes a hold. With rising fuel bills it is essential to keep the circulation of the lower limbs and the circulation booster has a number of settings to get the blood flowing, stimulating the veins to boost blood flow and oxygen distribution to the muscles.

Out in the garden, the Wheeled Gardening seat allows the user to get down low enough to pick up leaves and weed the garden whilst saving the knees and back from potential injury.

If you need to clean the house up before Christmas, then the Soft Chenille Fabric Telescopic Duster will allow you to reach harder to access areas in the home.

You can read about these products and many others on our website.