Bio Bidet Supreme 1000

Bio Bidet Supreme 1000
Item Code: MS23349

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£913.79 Inc VAT

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Luxury heated toilet seat with warm water spray and blow dryer for the ultimate in cleanliness and comfort.

Easily replaces most standard toilet seats.


  • Remote Control - Convenient panel to control and operate the various functions
  • Heated Seat - Room Temp ~ 40°C
  • Power Saving - Two economy options
  • Hydraulic Seat - Gentle closing of seat and lid
  • Seat Sensor - Signals that the seat is occupied to commence cleaning operation
  • Built in Filter - Protection against limescale build up
  • 3 in 1 Nozzle - Patented nozzle for 3 cleansing programs
  • Feminine Wash - Soft aerated water spray for feminine cleansing
  • Posterior Wash - Soft yet powerful aerated water spray for thorough cleansing
  • Turbo Wash - Whirly mass of soft water spray to stimulate bowel movement
  • Pulsating Massage - Pulsating and soothing flow of soft water
  • Oscillation - Oscillating movement of washing nozzle for thorough cleansing
  • Self Cleaning - Automatic self cleaning of washing nozzle before and after use
  • Air Drying - Powerful warm air-drying operation
  • Self Diagnosis - System warns user of any malfunctions
  • Quick Release - Quick release mechanism to detach seat from toilet
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