Shower Seats (Wall Mounted)

Our wall mounted shower seat range covers a wide range of models, features and pricing. All models have been sourced to provide a high degree of safety and durability in shower and bathing areas. The wall mounted shower seats are easy to fit and once in place can add reassurance and comfort so that washing can be achieved whilst maintaining patient care and dignity.

Modern wall mounted shower seats are designed to fit in with modern decor in the bathroom and come in a range of attractive finishes and colours, so it is easy to benefit from the extra support, whilst the equipment fits into your room unobtrusively and looks attractive in its setting.

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Items 1 to 40 of 87 total

Items 1 to 40 of 87 total

Wall mounted shower seats come in a wide range of configurations meaning that there is a lot of flexibility to manage your own specific needs within the models we feature. We also supply many accessories and parts so that you can easily assemble the seats to your individual requirements. In terms of pricing, our wall mounted shower seats are priced in a variety of bands, starting from around £40 upwards. We have sourced a range of pricing options so that if you just want a basic shower seat, you can get a quality product, without having to spend too much. We do ensure that even though you are purchasing a low priced model, its features are still extremely good for the price. In terms of the features you can expect in our wall mounted shower seats range, we have so many variations there isn’t space to mention them all here, but as an example, we have folding models for easy storage and handling and models with legs that are non-marking and slip-resistant for safe daily use. Most models are made from lightweight materials like aluminium and plastic, offering durable and reliable use with minimal space requirements.