Bac 2 Bac Drywipes - 3 Pack

Bac 2 Bac Drywipes - 3 Pack
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Bac 2 Bac Drywipes - 3 pack

The Bac 2 Bac disposable dry wipe is a uniquely designed wipe which gives the user the ability to apply lotion creams and treatments easily to the back,shoulders and feet.
Manufactured from a single length of embosed non-woven material with finger holes in either end designed to give the wipe even tension so as to insure complete coverage every time.

Instructions For Use

  • Remove the dry wipe from the packaging  and lay wipe on a flat surface with the embossed side of the material facing up.
  • Then apply your lotion to the middle 2/3 of the embossed side of the wipe.
  • Place fingers in the hand hold  in such a way that the wipe does not bunch up, as this may affect the wipes efficiency.
  • Have the palm of your hand facing up with the wipe hanging from fingers.
  • Then drape the wipe over your shoulder with your hand, palm up, next to your head.
  • With the wipe over one shoulder  place fingers in hand holds on the other end of the wipe.
  • Holding the wipe taut against the skin, diagonally apply your product to the chosen area starting with the shoulder to back.
  • Change the angle of the wipe as you apply for maximum coverage.

Note: Generally most lotions work best on the embossed side but the smooth side of the wipe can also be used depending on the viscosity of the lotion.


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