Armley Raised Toilet Seat (Blue) - 10cm (4")

Armley Raised Toilet Seat (Blue) - 10cm (4")
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The Armley Raised Blue Toilet Seat is a convenient method of adapting any toilet seat to fit the needs of an individual.

  • Bright contrasting colour; reminds people with cognitive loss what the purpose of the toilet/bathroom is, and where it is located
  • Fits on toilet pan when seat is raised using the built-in clamps
  • Easily attached & removed, requires only the hands (no tools)

The Armley Raised Blue Toilet Seat can be very useful in shared households or accommodation, when traveling, in care homes or hospitals, or simply as a more temporary solution than permanently replacing a toilet seat.

Comfort Features

  • The Armley Raised Blue Toilet Seat is also designed for comfort:
  • Raises the height of a toilet; allowing users to get on & off the toilet easier, with less pressure on hips & legs
  • Large surface area that distributes weight more evenly than a standard seat
  • Contoured edges; increases comfort & stability

Hygiene Benefits

  • The Armley Raised Blue Toilet Seat has many features that make it an extremely hygienic toilet seat:
  • One-piece plastic moulding allows for easy movement & cleaning
  • Can be fully immersed in water, or placed in an autoclave to be sterilised
  • Anti-bacterial protection built-in as standard
  • Wide cut-away at the front allows for easy personal cleaning during use
  • These hygiene benefits are useful for all customers, but they also make this seat a popular choice for the NHS.


  • Length: 39cm
  • Width: 38cm
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