Always Ready Night Light Torch

Always Ready Night Light Torch
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As the name suggests, our clever little night light is always ready to tackle your lighting needs. While seated in its socket mounted dock, the compact light wirelessly recharges for its next use.

Switch the light to 'On' mode and it will provide diffused light using its 5 energy saving LED'. In 'Auto' mode, this same light is activated whenever it detects movement in the dark.

With a versatile 3m, 110 degree detection range, the night light can be used in its holder, taken out and placed on any surface or hung by its moulded mounting hole. Battery power gives you the freedom to light attics, garages, sheds and cupboards, while constant mains charge is ideal for high traffic areas.

Should you be unlucky enough to have a power cut, simply switch the light to 'Torch' mode and let the three super bright LED's light your way - all at a featherweight 70g. The Always Ready Night Light is the perfect solution to your security and safety - whether you are looking for a guiding light at night or a fail safe when disaster strikes.

  •     Versatile movement night light that doubles as a torch
  •     Diffused 5 LED room light activated with 3m, 110 degree range of movement sensor
  •     Can be switched on permanently
  •     Torch includes 3 super bright LED's and weighs just 70g
  •     Socket mounted dock recharges unit wirelessly
  •     Useful mounting hole