AlfaBat Standard Battery Tester

AlfaBat Standard Battery Tester
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Technical Information


Battery capacity range 0.8-100Ah

Battery voltage 6/12 V

Discharge current Max. 10A

Max. Charger current 15A

Size L x W x H (mm) 310 x 75 x 77

Weight (kg) 2.5


Deliver professional service with battery and charger testers


  • Our @Bat is the perfect tool for guaranteeing that your products and services will meet your customer's expectations.
  • The @Bat is the most accurate capacity tester in its price category. It works by discharging the battery and recording the voltage and current over time.
  • While charging, all the important parameters are mentioned and recorded.
  • Microprocessor-controlled.
  • Tests both 6V and 12V batteries.
  • High quality, supremely reliable.
  • 24V chargers can also be tested.
  • Different battery technologies can be tested: traditional lead-acid batteries, AGM, gel, etc.
  • Far more accurate than unreliable impedance testers.




  • Service
  • Quality Control
  • Goods inwards inspection
  • Routine checks


The aBat offers a wide range of possibilities


  • Create a profile with your preferred settings and choose one to make a test.
  • Four built-in functions: single cycle capacity test, multiple cycle capacity test, charger test, and voltage recorder.
  • The LCD shows you why the battery/charger is defective:
  • The battery needs charging prior to running the test.
  • The capacity of the battery is insufficient.
  • The battery has a short circuited cell or another internal failure (manufacturing fault)
  • The charger undercharges/overcharges the battery
  • The LCD shows the capacity of the battery as a percentage
  • The battery capacity can be adjusted between 0.8 and 100 Ah20h (or max 400 Ah20h on the @Bat Pro).
  • The @Bat can easily be connected to a computer for analysis of all the data. The software is very user-friendly and will give an accurate assessment of the battery capacity or charger quality. You can print reports to justify battery or charger replacement.




Why is the battery capacity so important?


When a battery doesn't have enough capacity, it is quite possible that it will be unable to withstand a normal day's operation. All batteries have a rated capacity. An acceptable operating range in most applications is 60% of its rated capacity. The capacity will vary depending upon the age and quality of the battery.


Why is the charger quality so important?


The lifetime of a battery will be reduced if it is not recharged properly.

The @Bat detects overcharging (causing the battery to overheat and damage the plates) and undercharging (causing sulphation build-up in the battery).


Why do we need the BAT?


  • It confirms the quality of the batteries
  • You are selling.
  • Improves your customer service and professionalism.
  • Eliminates malfunctions due to the battery.
  • Repays your investment by distinguishing between an empty battery and a defective battery.