Age UK Maxi Absorb Feel Dry All In Ones Maxi+ - X Large (PK20)

Age UK Maxi Absorb Feel Dry All In Ones Maxi+ - X Large (PK20)
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Age UK Maxi Absorb Feel Dry All In Ones

The Age UK Incontinence All in Ones are a brand new range of incontinence pants, featuring an innovative design that includes a waterproof back sheet which encourages the flow of air, making the product breathable and kind to skin, and a double absorbent core in the centre of the pad.

Maintaining one's confidence and dignity is incredibly important, and for this reason the Age UK incontinence all in one pants are incredibly discreet. A quiet polyethylene back sheet limits any awkward noises, and super absorbent polymer neutralises odours.

  • Suitable for those with heavy or severe levels of urinary and double incontinence
  • Breathable waterproof backing which encourages air flow making the product breathable and kind to skin
  • Air system prevents the build up of moisture and skin irritation for greater comfort
  • Unique double pad system ensures that no liquid escapes onto the user's clothes for discretion in the event of an accident
  • Discreet (quiet) polyethylene back limits awkward noise
  • Double absorbent core contains Super Absorbent Polymer which securely holds in liquids (50 times its own weight) and locks away foul odours
  • This disposable product is suitable for extended use
  • Hydrophobic leg cuffs prevent sideways leakage
  • Surface acquisition layer to help draw liquid from surface provides maximum absorbency
  • 4 Point Fixation System secures the pad firmly in place
  • No latex
  • Absorbency: 4060ml


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