Wristys Originals

SKU: MS25272

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Wristys Originals

SKU: MS25272
Wristys originalsWristys Helps prevent RSIIf you suffer from pain in your hands a See more.
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Wristys originals

Wristys Helps prevent RSI

If you suffer from pain in your hands and wrists while working you could be at risk from REPETITIVE STRAIN INJURY, commonly known as RSI. Wristys are worn to support your wrists while you are using your hands. Wristys unique formulated soft cushioning, protects delicate tendons and nerves and helps distribute pressure evenly.

Wrist Size

  • Small - up to 15cm
  • Medium - up to 17cm
  • Large - up to 19cm
  • XLarge - up to 21cm

(per boxed pair)

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