Stair lifts and wheelchair lifts can make life much easier as they give you the ability to get to upstairs areas of the home, whilst still being in the comfort of your wheelchair. Domestic wheel chair lifts are designed to withstand daily use and can carry a large amount of weight with ease.

There are many models available on the market, and whilst at Mobility Smart we are not wheelchair lift suppliers, we do strongly recommend that our customers buy British and European approved models and ensure they are purchasing from reputable manufacturers who adhere to necessary international quality standards.

You can visit the Mobility Smart stairlift page by clicking here

When you purchase a stair lift, you need to consider the type of use you require and make sure that the model you select is correct for the patterns of use and the equipment and personnel you intend to use the equipment.

Most modern stair lifts are packed with advanced benefits and include as standard, many safety protection features  and are both lightweight and yet very robust at the same time. Fitting of a stair lift or wheelchair lift should only be carried out by a registered engineer with appropriate expertise, qualifications and industry approvals.

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