Trio Popular Sport - Polished - Brown

Trio Popular Sport - Polished - Brown
Item Code: MS26494

Trio Popular Sport - Polished - Brown
The Trio Popular Sportseat have three slim line point & plate feet complete with rubber ferrules, so that they can be used anywhere and at any time.
It’s the only seat for all seasons, activities and interests.
The rubber ferrules are for use on hard ground – from trips to museums and art galleries to visiting stately homes.
Simply remove the ferrules when using the Trio Sportseat on soft ground to stop it sinking, making it ideal for all country pursuits, family days out, or watching the kids play football
Light in weight, approximately 800gms.

  • Polished Aluminium Frame
  • Seat Height: 455mm-485mm
  • Walking height: 885mm
  • Weight: 0.83kilo