Sorbothane - Sorboskin Blister Plasters

Sorbothane - Sorboskin Blister Plasters
Item Code: MS17830

Sorbothane Sorboskin Blister Plasters

  • Designed to remove the risk of blisters and skin damage caused by rubbing and friction
  • Designed to aid a fast and comfortable recovery from blisters and skin damage caused by rubbing and friction
  • Contains 2 x large, 2 x medium, 2 x small plasters

Sorbothane Sorboskin Blister Plasters: Function

  • Manufactured using hydrocolloid to ensure optimum moisture absorption and rapid healing.
  • Protects already damaged skin from further rubbing and infection.
  • Contains soothing Aloe Vera oil.
  • Ideally shaped to ensure adhesion in awkward places

Sorbothane Sorboskin Blister Plasters: Fit

  • Plasters loosen naturally as the healing process progresses.
  • Contains 6 Plasters in three sizes for best fit

SorboSkin is the next generation of blister aversion and management designed to cope with the most demanding sports and everyday requirements.

Also suitable for cuts and grazes, SorboSkin is manufactured from Hydrocolloid - an advanced material that has excellent cushioning properties and is able to absorb large amounts of fluid keeping your blister clean and covered to allow hygienic and rapid recovery.

SorboSkin plasters ensure that the blister heals quickly without a scab and are enhanced with soothing Aloe Vera oil to replenish the skin while it recovers.