Sissel Pro-Fitter Physio Kit

Sissel Pro-Fitter Physio Kit
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Sissel Pro-Fitter Physio Kit

  • The Pro Fitter with it's variable resistance and
  • multi-directional movement is used by fitness and
  • rehabilitation experts worldwide because of its effectiveness in:
  • Proprioceptive development.
  • Muscular stabilization.
  • Joint mobilization.
  • Strength gains.
  • Client motivation.

It is a dynamic modality that offers the benefits of a
“closed chain” rehabilitation programme for:

  • Ankle.
  • Knee.
  • Hip.
  • Back.
  • Shoulder.

The Pro Fitter "works" the body on many levels to:

  • Achieve better balance, co-ordination and overall agility.
  • Enhance functional core strength and stability.
  • Maximize leg strength and power.
  • Obtain faster and more precise reaction skills.
  • The Pro Fitter can be used to:
  • Develop effective upper and lower body strength programmes.
  • Improve proprioception.
  • Identify muscle imbalance.

Pro-Fitter Physio Kit comprises:-

  • Pro-Fitter - base and skate.
  • Hard ankle board.
  • Soft board/seat.
  • Balance aids.
  • Instruction DVD.
  • Extensive exercise programme.