Seal Tight Child Large Leg Length

Seal Tight Child Large Leg Length
Item Code: MS26826

Seal Tight Child Large Leg Length

Three Reasons Patients Swear by SEAL-TIGHT

1. Preserves the pleasure of daily water-related routines.
Showering, bathing, and other water-related activities are still easy, enjoyable activities when you use SEAL-TIGHT products. With professional moisture protection coverings from SEAL-TIGHT, you can confidently resume your regular daily routines without worry or interruption. While you recover, SEAL-TIGHT helps maintain your quality of life—every day.

2. Improves hygiene.
With SEAL-TIGHT products, your skin, casts and bandages stay clean and dry. By maintaining a clean and sanitary site, SEAL-TIGHT products reduce potential infections and promote uninterrupted healing.

3. Avoids costly repair and replacement.
SEAL-TIGHT products seal out moisture, saving the costs of unexpected doctor visits to replace casts, bandages, splints or dressings that can be seriously damaged by water penetration.

Child Large Leg Length up to 81cm/32"
Latex Free