Rechargeable Digital Hearing Aid

Rechargeable Digital Hearing Aid
Item Code: MS17061

Rechargeable Digital Hearing Aid

This superbly small yet incredibly accurate Digital Hearing Aid can process sound up to 90 per cent faster than traditional analogue models.
The digitalized sound is separated into bands by the tiny microchip in the hearing aid and automatically adjusts to produce undistorted, clear sound.
This also provides better accuracy and perception of loudness.
The 'noise free' function on the Digital Hearing Aid sets the frequency to low, excluding background noise, which is ideal for use in noisy environments.
For added convenience the carry case also doubles as a charging station, which can be either battery or mains operated.
The Digital Hearing Aid comes complete with cleaning brush, 3 x ear caps and rechargeable docking station complete with carry case (1 x AA battery and mains adaptor included).

Charge For 5 hours will give you between 12- 15 hours of use

These are suitable for use while on the phone


  • General Title Of Commodity:                    BTE Rechargeable Hearing Aid
  • Purpose of Function:                               For assisting people of hearing obstacle
  • Standard frequency:                               1200-1600Hz
  • Max. Output Sound Level Gain:                 25 +5dB
  • Highest Sound Pressure level for Input        SPL  90Db: 120dB + 10dB below 130dB
  • Equivalent Input Noise Level                     Below 29dB
  • Built-in Rechargeable Battery Current        Below 5mA/2.5V
  • Rechargeable time:                                Up to 500 times in total
  • Continue Use                                        12-16 hours when full charged.