OXO - Pop Up Cookbook & Tablet Holder

OXO - Pop Up Cookbook & Tablet Holder
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OXO - Pop Up Cookbook & Tablet Holder

  • Keep your cookbook upright and ready for use with the OXO Good Grips Pop-Up Cookbook Holder.
  • The Cookbook Holder auto-opens for easy loading and can accommodate very thick and tall books without tipping over. The clear splatter screen holds cookbooks securely in place and upright at an easy-to-read angle without distorting words or images.
  • The screen easily pulls down, allowing you to turn the page with one hand.
  • When you’re finished, simply fold up the Cookbook Holder for easy storage – the slim design makes it perfect for storing with cookbooks on bookshelves or flat in cabinets or drawers.


  • Securely holds cookbooks, magazines and tablet computers without tipping
  • Auto-opens for easy loading
  • Recipes are held in place at an upright and easy-to-read angle
  • Splatter guard keeps pages and screens clean without distorting words or images
  • Splatter guard pulls down for easy page turning or scrolling
  • Slim design for compact storage