Luxury Gift Boxed Leather Blue Badge Wallet - Tan

Luxury Gift Boxed Leather Blue Badge Wallet - Tan
Item Code: MS25129

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The Globaleather blue badge wallet takes its cues from their wheelchair gloves from which the name has been cemented at the forefront of mobility products. Gone are the plastic facsimiles in lieu of craftsmanship, this stylish wallet is hand made from exceptionally high quality embossed leather.

Hologram Safe
It features four leather corners into which one may easily fix their blue badge, this also prevents any damage to the Hologram as no plastic is used to hold the badge in.

Timer Clock
This wallet comes complete with a superior clock timer on the adjacent face of the wallet. The clock wheel is also made from strong plastic so no more frayed edges!

Finally these wallets come encased in a beautiful presentation box and are available in four different colours.


  • Open Width: 32.5cm (11.3/4")
  • Closed Width: 16cm (6.1/4")
  • Height: 12.5cm (5")
  • Thickness Closed: 7mm (1/4")
  • Thickness Open: 3mm (1/8")


VAT Exemption

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