JustGo™ Turning Cushion

JustGo™ Turning Cushion
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Turning cushion designed to assist a person in rotating themselves when getting in and out of a car.
Designed to assist a person in rotating themselves into position to get out of a car with greater ease, the JustGo® has a unique shaped design with no moving parts. It can be left in place for a whole car journey and stored or rolled up when not in use. It has a lightweight, silicon coated, nylon cover with a high density foam cushion inner for comfort. Easy to use, simple fold the cushion in two and place on the seat with the longest edge to the back of the seat. The user should sit in the centre of the cushion and while holding onto the dashboard, lift their feet. Whilst turning the body, the two parts of the cushion smoothly glide around until the person is facing forwards. Wipe clean only.

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