Harley Designer Lo Line Pillow

Harley Designer Lo Line Pillow
Item Code: MS15376

Harley Designer Lo Line Pillow

Moulded Care Revolution:

  • The Concept Moulding means a more precise and ergonomic shape ensuring perfect positioning - beautifully smooth surface and optimum comfort plus a longer lasting product.
  • Liquid foam is literally poured into an ergonomically shaped and prepared mould and allowed to cure giving precise contours and gentle support.
  • Note:This pillow is especially for people with a smaller frame


Harley Designer Moulded Range

  • Moulded from visco elastic memory foam
  • Memory foam first developed by NASA for space missions
  • Takes heat & weight of individual to shape itself to body’s requirements
  • Returns to original shape when heat and weight are removed
  • Excellent pressure distribution as it relieves tension and pain
  • Suits a wide variety of patients

Additional Covers Available Separately

  • Designer Lo Line Pillow cover - Zipped

Pillow Sizes

  • Designer - 45x32x10cm