Good Ideas - Pond Vac

Good Ideas - Pond Vac
Item Code: MS24610

You'll never need to drain your pond and disturb your fish again. Working like a pond vacuum, this clever British invention attaches to your garden hose, and the water pressure creates a vacuum effect, which sucks up any dirt and debris from the pond floor, straight into the re-useable muslin bag.

The Pond vac has special triple-brush rollers that glide easily over the pond bottom, gently removing the dirt whilst protecting pond-life and fish. With a lightweight extending handle the pond vacuum cleaner its suitable for ponds up to 4 feet deep. Collected debris makes excellent garden fertiliser.

  • Keep your pond crystal clear
  • Attaches to your garden hose
  • Works like a vacuum cleaner
  • Protects pond-life and fish
  • No need to drain your pond