Cosyfeet Heel That Pain - Heal Seats - XL

Cosyfeet Heel That Pain - Heal Seats - XL
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Immediate relief from heel pain

  • A quick and powerful pain reliever for plantar fasciitis, heel spurs and other forms of heel pain. Not to be confused with average shoe inserts, these one of a kind Heel Seats use an innovative Fasciitis Bar technology which applies clinically proven acupressure to pain hot spots giving immediate relief.
  • Using medically proven healing methods, these heel seats begin to cure the actual disorder that caused the onset of pain and even work to prevent any future re-occurrences.

Why you'll love Heel that Pain Heel Seats...

  • They flex as you walk or run, without interfering with the fit of your footwear
  • Can be worn in most types of shoe
  • The special material they're made of means that they'll stay in place at all times
  • They're washable
  • Durable for long-term use and they really do work!
  • Size: Extra Large (XL) fits shoe sizes 12 to 14