Cosyfeet - 5 Reflexology Insoles - Size 7 (Mens)

Cosyfeet - 5 Reflexology Insoles - Size 7 (Mens)
Item Code: MS20563

Cosyfeet - 5 Reflexology Insole

Give yourself a boost!

  • These original reflex-zone insoles gently massage the pressure points of the feet helping to boost circulation to the head, pelvic and sciatic regions, improving breathing and relaxing muscle tension in the shoulders and upper part of the abdomen.
  • Made from the softest calf leather, they provide all-day foot comfort whilst gently stimulating the body to produce an improved feeling of well being.

Why you’ll love 5 Point Reflexology Insoles...

  • A simple way to help boost circulation and enhance your feeling of well being
  • Gents Size: 7