Cosmos Eezy Steer

Cosmos Eezy Steer
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Cosmos Eezy Steer

When using your car for driving in the city, tight turns, sharp bends and parking manoeuvres can be tricky with the amount of steering turning required. Having a steering wheel knob could help to reduce the stress and strain placed on your hands and arms when conducting the manoeuvres and tight turns.

This is where the Cosmos 24002 Eezy Steer can help. The installation is quick and simple with just one bolt to fasten. This  Eezy Steer enables your vehicle to be easily manoeuvred with a lot less effort. The robust steering knob has been crested to be robust and sturdy for constant use. Whether you’re a taxi driver, or a delivery van driver, the Cosmos 24002  Eezy Steer can really help take the strain away from manoeuvres .

  • Makes Parking Easier
  • Easy One Bolt Installation
  • Smooth Rotation Bearing
  • Universal Size