Bibetta Adult Neckerchief - Blue

Bibetta Adult Neckerchief - Blue
Item Code: MS25012

Bibetta  Adult Neckerchief - Blue

  • Our innovative neckerchiefs bibs are made of super-soft, lightweight fabrics throughout, which allow the bib to gather easily and comfortably around the neck.
  • The gentle folds in the fabric help catch spills and give an attractive, neckerchief or scarf style look.
  • The front fabric is absorbent, wicking away moisture helping to keep skin dry.
  • It has a middle absorbent layer and waterproof back layer to offer total protection to clothes.
  • The garment is quick fastening at the back of the neck.
  • They are machine washable (40°C) and tumble drier proof.
  • Their long life and stay-smart material offers excellent long term value to customers.


  • Neck Circumference: 400 - 500mm
  • Length: 200mm