Antibacterial Digital Caps - Small

Antibacterial Digital Caps - Small
Item Code: MS25351

Antibacterial Digital Caps
Soothing Antibacterial Digital Caps that help to relieve pressure and friction from a multitude of conditions such as painful ingrown toenails, hammertoes, corns and toe tips.
Suitable for toes or fingers, the caps can be cut to the correct size and are fully lined with medical grade mineral oil that soothingly moisturises and protects the area. Latex free and hypoallergenic.
Antibacterial formula - hygienic and clean
Versatile - suitable for both fingers and toes
Protective and cushioning - especially for painful ingrown toenails
Fully lined with soothing medical grade mineral oil
Can be cut down to desired size
Latex free and hypoallergenic
Colour Natural
Product Dimensions (mm) 30x20 (when cut)
Size Small (UK size 3 - 5)